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Petnica Summer Institute
Machine Learning

Summer School of Machine Learning,
July 25 - August 2, 2015


Monday, May 25
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Friday, May 22
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Saturday, May 9
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Petnica Science Center and Microsoft Development Center Serbia cordially invite interested university students to apply to participate in the summer seminar, "Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition", which will be held from July 25, to August 2, 2015, in Petnica.

The aim: During the seminar, lecturers from Microsoft Development Center Serbia will share their extensive experience and knowledge of working on Machine Learning. All day courses will involve theoretical and practical work, during which the participants will work on project tasks along with experts in these areas with the aim of improving knowledge in mentioned areas.

For whom: Seminar is open to applications of all interested university students of technical/mathematical faculties, especially those in the final years of undergraduate studies and on postgraduate studies. Do note that some prior math/programming knowledge is desirable and will be considered a plus.

By whom: Lectures will be given by Microsoft Development Center Serbia employees who are working on Machine Learning related projects and Petnica Science Center (PSC) associates.


  • Machine Learning Basics
  • Random Decision Forests
  • Math behind Support Vector Machine
  • On-line recognition of mathematical characters
  • Convolutional Neural Networks in Computer Vision
  • Natural Language Processing and Entity/Relation Extraction
  • Automatic language detection in textual content
  • Lecturers

  • Branko Arsić, professor at PMF, Niš
  • Filip Panjević (Senior Engineering Manager)
  • Goran Dubajić, PhD (Software Engineer)
  • Ivan Stojiljković (Principal Software Engineering Manager)
  • Milan Bašić, professor at PMF, Niš
  • Milan Milosavljević, professor at ETF, Belgrade
  • Milan Novaković (Senior Engineering Manager)
  • Miloš Stojanović (Senior Engineering Manager)
  • Miroslav Bogdanović (Master of Science)
  • Momčilo Vasilijević (Software Engineer)
  • Nikola Todić (Senior Engineering Manager)
  • Novak Novaković, PhD (Software Engineer)
  • Vukašin Ranković (Software Engineer)