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Lectures and other activities

Our curriculum consists of lectures and workshops that cover Machine Learning basics, introduction to libraries and framework used, and deeper dive into various topics:

Lectures Workshops
Introduction to ML Numpy Intro
Logistic Regression TensorFlow intro
Neural Networks
Convolutional Neural Networks Logistic regression workshop
Recurrent Neural Networks NN workshop
Generative Adversarial Networks RNN workshop
Random Decision Forests GAN workshop
Boosting CNN workshop
Gaussian Processes RL workshop
Clustering & Principal Component Analysis NLP workshop
Support Vector Machines
Modern Natural Language Processing
Supervised Learning Algorithms
Reinforcement Learning
Geometric ML

In the second part of the camp, participants get to apply ML on their projects, working in smaller groups and with guidance of academia and industry experts as mentors. You can read about some of the projects from previous years here: Projects.

Most of the evenings will be reserved for joint discussion, demo sessions, or for some activity you can arrange with lecturers during the day.

The program is rather intense and it is unlikely that you will have time to work on other private stuff during the school.

The policy of Petnica Science Center is to ask questions whenever you like (during the lecture) and you are encouraged to do so. Discussions with lecturers in the free time are also encouraged.

You will have some organized free time in Valjevo and at the nearby swimming pool. One day is reserved for a hiking trip, most probably along the Gradac river. Make sure to bring appropriate sandals or sneakers, the walk will partially go through the river and we will most certainly get wet.

Check out the full agenda from the last year here: PSI.ML5 Agenda.